• Making Light Work of Gas Conditioning

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Making Light Work of Gas Conditioning

Apr 08 2015

The Portable Gas Conditioning Systems (PGCS) is a smart solution for stack testers looking to carry out frequent stack emission tests across different sites.

 “Versatile and neatly packaged the PGCS is the perfect portable gas conditioning sampler for emission stack testers”

Whilst conducting 'on-the-spot' detailed gas analysis, a gas conditioning system is required to remove particulates, cool gas, and eliminate condensation. The PGCS is designed to ensure a clean flow and accurate sample of gas, correctly prepared for the analyser in gas monitoring systems.

Housed in a compact, highly visible and robust carrying case and weighs just 12kg, the PGCS can be easily carried up the stack to conduct gas measurements.

The PGCS is equipped with a number of Ankersmid gas conditioning products. Ankersmid is a leading worldwide manufacturer of gas conditioning products. Featured Products include Gas Sample Probes, Heated Sample Lines, Sample Pumps, Universal Filters and Gas Coolers.

Gas Sample Probes
The Ankersmid gas sample probes are designed for continuous gas sampling in processes that struggle to cope with high or low dust content, varying temperatures and extreme humidity. The biggest advantage of the Ankersmid probes is that the inner probe body can be retracted for easy changeover of the sample tube and pre-filter without dismounting the probe.

Ankersmid have designed stationary probes for applications where the probe is required to be left in-situ and portable probes which are used by stack testers or by engineers that are taking gas samples from different locations.

Within the gas sample probes, gas sample tubes are inserted to hold the gas sample from the process, these are either heated or unheated sample tubes, available in different lengths and can be heated up to 180°C or 320°C in Denox applications. The probes are easy to mount and maintain.

Heated Sample Lines
Ankersmid’s heated sample lines are designed to ensure that gas components in the sample stream remain above their ACID-dew point, and thereby eliminate the risk of condensation. Controller regulated heated lines are available at up to temperatures of 250°C and ATEX for hazardous areas.

Gas Coolers
The uniquely designed coolers have been designed with an extremely stable low gas dew point of 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1 and 15°C to avoid water vapour cross sensitivity and volumetric errors.

Universal Filters
Once the gas sample has reached the gas conditioning system, it must pass through another filter. The Ankersmid universal filters are a reliable technique for the separation of particulates from gas, ensuring a clean flow of gas. These filters are available in PVDF, PTFE and SS316.

Did You Know?
a1-cbiss have a hire fleet of Horiba PG250’s and M&A FIDs used in stack emissions testing conducted in the UK & Ireland at industrial installations.

M&A Thermo FID
The M&A FID is suited for many applications including environmental and research & development.

Horiba PG250
Adaptable gas analyser for compliance testing of NO, SO2, CO, CO2 and O2

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