• New Advanced WS-GP2 Weather Station

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New Advanced WS-GP2 Weather Station

Mar 28 2013

The WS-GP2 is a new weather station from Delta-T Devices (UK). The system is based on the advanced GP2 Data Logger which has the power and flexibility to handle almost any environmental sensor. Users are able to select the optimal combination of sensors, logger, power source and communications.

The WS-GP2 Weather Station is designed for use in severe weather conditions at remote and exposed sites. The standard system comes complete with high quality sensors to measure rain, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, soil temperature, relative humidity and air temperature. Optional additional sensors include barometric pressure, soil moisture (including soil profiles), soil EC, UV, PAR, albedo, net radiation, total and diffuse radiation, evaporation and surface wetness.

The weather station can be as simple or as complex as your application requires. Even after installation, it’s easy to expand or adapt the system – by adding additional sensors or solar power, for example. Data can be collected by laptop via USB, or remotely using the reliable GSM modem options. DeltaLINK Software makes it easy to set up recording intervals and to view and download stored data. Data presentation options include wind rose, gusts and average (including direction and vector average).

For applications where the weather data is required for modelling, the built-in Script Editor makes complex tasks much simpler. Researchers can write scripts to calculate day-degrees or to model parameters such as evapo-transpiration.

The WS-GP2 software also includes a logging Simulator. This unique feature enables users to test a program before “going live” with the experiment. The Simulator provides valuable confirmation that data will be generated as intended, and also checks whether the control logic and scripted actions are responding to environmental changes as expected.

The sophistication of the WS-GP2’s software tools make it much more than just an easy to use and reliable weather station; it can be a platform for innovative data collection, data processing and modelling techniques.

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