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Environmental Testing Made Simple by PerkinElmer

Dec 07 2017

Good to know, that it's never been easier to accurately analyse trace-level contaminants in our water supply.

Clean water is essential to life – and your lab plays a big part in ensuring our entire water supply is clean, safe, and compliant with rigorous international standards. PerkinElmer's new NexION® 2000 ICP-MS is uniquely qualified to analyse groundwater, surface water, wastewater, or drinking water with specificity, selectivity, and accuracy. Even more than that, with its high performance also in the area of sediments or soil, the NexION 2000 ICP-MS is the complete instrument for the analysis of trace elements in environmental samples.

Speed Of Analysis Meets Low Maintenance

Improve your productivity by:

Cutting delays between samples with the built-in sample delivery valve for fast uptake and washout times;

Reducing the acquisition time of your method using the fast switching between gas flows;

Speeding up the process of standard preparation and reducing preparation errors using the real-time preparation of calibration standards;

Reducing your sample analyses through the detection of low and high concentration elements in the same run using the per-isotope electronic dilution capability (EDR);

Optimizing your workflows through the no-maintenance LumiCoil RF coil;

Minimizing deposits and eliminating cleaning beyond the cones using the three wide-aperture cones and a 90 degree quadrupole ion deflector.

Future Proofing Regardless Of The Application

Be able to:

• Run high total dissolved solid samples with no manual dilution using the built-in AMS system;

• Protect your lab against any unexpected changes in regulations using the three gas channels;

• Offer more services leveraging the system’s best-in-class nanoparticle detection capabilities.

In short, the system can handle any matrix, allowing you to run samples with high total dissolved solids without manual dilution, and to measure both high- and low-level elements at the same time. It handles any interference, too, so you can choose just the right mode or gas channels for your application. And the fast data acquisition (100,000 points/sec) lets you measure any size particle, down to less than 10 nm. What’s more, the NexION 2000 ICP-MS is easy for your analysts to learn and use, making them more productive in the process.

Compliance Made Easy

The NexION 2000 ICP-MS is the world’s most robust and versatile ICP-MS, capable of handling harsh matrices as well as rapid changes in sample composition. Plus, you can leverage built-in methods for drinking water, soil, and seawater analysis for ease of implementation and compliance with international regulations such as U.S. EPA 6020, EPA 200.8, ISO 17294.

If you want to be ready for whatever trace element analysis challenges that the future might bring, click here to learn more about the NexION 2000 ICP-MS and download relevant information and application notes!

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