• University of Helsinki boosts lab’s performance with Direct Mercury Analysis

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University of Helsinki boosts lab’s performance with Direct Mercury Analysis

Oct 27 2021

Read the interview and understand how DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyser has been a great asset for the Environmental Sciece dept over the last 15 years, simplifyng the Hg analysis and removing chemicals or hazardous wastes.


The Department of Environmental Science at University of Helsinki holds a high standard for environmental education and research. Samples analysed are mostly aquatic animals, plants, sediment, animal tissues, bird feathers, terrestrial plants, moss, mushrooms, and lichens.


Before the introduction of direct mercury analysis, the lab used a Cold Vapor AAS using SnCl2 for reduction of Hg. It essentially hindered the lab’s overall production, in fact the analysts had to prepare fresh reagents, which makes the analysis more expensive due to the use of chemicals and operator time.


“The true value and the key advantage of the DMA-80 is the ease of use: all they need to do is obtain a representative sample, weigh solids or liquids, and run on a calibration curve that is prepared from CRM’s or calibrated with Liquid Standards.”

The Direct Mercury Analyser is capable to analyse any matrix (solid, liquid or gas) without any pre-treatment or chemical additions in as few as 5 minutes in full compliance with EPA method 7473 and ASTM method D-6722-01 and D-7623-10.

The DMA-80 greatly increases their efficiency and productivity in the analysis of mercury in solids, lowers costs through elimination of reagents, and greatly reduces the time needed for calibration.

The laboratory can now deliver accurate and fast mercury results— without the need for acid digestion — and at a savings of approximately 70% compared to other techniques.

“Speed, ease of use, low running cost are all good things, but performance is the most important. DMA-80 is matching our requirements.”

Imagine how much time your staff could spend on other tasks in your lab if you choose direct mercury analysis.

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