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Be creative, break the rules - AI-based imaging without prior knowledge

Sep 08 2021

The application possibilities based on intelligent cameras are almost limitless. The technology is transforming virtually every industry – and is no longer just a topic for image processing experts. Since traditional vision solutions work with a fixed set of rules, organic or rapidly changing objects are a huge challenge for them. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can handle such situations with ease. It is therefore a popular choice when it comes to identifying products or defects as well as sorting applications and quality control. However, the hurdle for the implementation of an AI-based image processing solution is still usually quite high. IDS shows that there is another way: The all-in-one AI system IDS NXT ocean comes with all required tools and workflows, which means that users can set up their intelligent vision solution without any prior knowledge.

With the help of the IDS NXT lighthouse cloud software, even non-experts without prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or camera programming can train a neural network with their own image data. Since it is a web application, all functions and the necessary infrastructure for creating the neural network are immediately available. Users do not have to set up their own development environment, but can start training their own neural network right away. This involves three basic steps: To upload sample images, to label the images and then to start the fully automatic training. The generated network can then be executed directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras, turning them into powerful inference cameras. But there is also another way: customers can also upload their own neural networks, previously trained with TensorFlow Backend, to the open platform. IDS provides special tools for the conversion into the correct format. In both cases, the neural network then runs on the industrial cameras and enables them to provide the desired information or pass on commands to machines, e.g. via REST or OPC UA.

Get started with the IDS NXT Creative Kit

If you are interested to test the all-in-one AI vision system and evaluate its impact for your applications, IDS is now offering a special deal for the IDS NXT creative kit. It includes all components a user needs to create, train and run a neural network, such as the embedded vision camera IDS NXT rome with its “deep ocean” AI Core and 1.6 MP Sony CMOS colour sensor, Gigabit Ethernet cable, camera power supply with necessary adapters, tripod adapter, high quality 16 mm IDS lens and a 6-month licence for the use of IDS NXT lighthouse. The company is also running a summer promotion on this bundle, which makes it even more interesting to just start and be creative.

More information about smart cities in the IDS Vision Channel

The digitisation and networking of smart technologies can make life in cities and communities more efficient, sustainable and liveable. One important milestone on the road to a smart city is intelligent video analysis to gather information about the traffic situation, the locations and occupancy of buses and trains, or parking space capacities. Artificial intelligence helps in the evaluation of information, for example, to identify or predict undesirable or dangerous situations more quickly or to automate the urban infrastructure efficiently. However, especially in the public sector, the issue of data protection plays a major role in image-based evaluations. Edge computing technology is already available to process sensitive data in a decentralized manner without violating the privacy of individuals by making faces or license plates unrecognisable before images are further processed. Join the IDS vision channel and participate for free in the “Smart Cities” web session on September 28th with lots of helpful information.

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