• IDS Imaging: Colour images and Point Clouds - The next step for realistic 3D imaging

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IDS Imaging: Colour images and Point Clouds - The next step for realistic 3D imaging

Dec 06 2023

More than just 3D vision: the new Ensenso C stereo vision camera also provides data for tasks such as code reading, thanks to an integrated 2D colour camera. In recent years, robotics has made impressive progress. 3D camera technologies are essential for further improving the efficiency and flexibility of robots. Given the increasing complexity of many applications, simple depth information is often no longer sufficient.

Modern image processing techniques, such as colour segmentation and machine learning, require data that previously demanded additional 2D cameras. This is where the new Ensenso C camera system from IDS comes in, combining a multitude of functions and features in a compact design. As a result, data can be captured and interpreted even more efficiently and accurately.

With an additional, fully integrated RGB camera, the Ensenso C-Series can now access 2D colour images of the same scene. This broadens the camera's field of application when not only a 3D point cloud but also a colour image is required to complete a task. Examples include AI-based image analysis, where colour images are typically used as the base data.

Compact Ensenso 3D camera for advanced tasks in robotics

Ensenso C combines all the components in a closed, protected housing - this means that the stereo vision cameras, the 2D colour camera and the pattern projector, as well as the light, are perfectly matched to each other, adjusted and accessible via a common device software, the Ensenso SDK. Despite the increasing complexity of applications, this means that the 3D camera system is compact enough to fit into the limited space available in robots and other autonomous systems, for example.

Combined with the high resolution of 5 MP, object structures can be captured in great detail. To obtain comprehensive point clouds, even of low-texture object surfaces, Ensenso C cameras use an extremely powerful 200 W LED pattern generator, which guarantees high-contrast surfaces even at a distance of 5 m. The highly rigid mechanics and optimised heat dissipation also guarantee low jitter of depth values, even at great distances (0.1 mm at 1 m).

High resolution, industrial quality, pre-configured

With the Ensenso C, IDS Imaging Development Systems has taken another important step forward in 3D camera technology, providing applications with the data required for advanced image processing applications. This 3D camera system combines all the advantages of Ensenso in the 3D vision environment in a particularly compact package, particularly for high-volume applications with very high demands for precision. The ease of use and commissioning of the numerous model variants make the Ensenso C Series an indispensable tool for image processing in the 3rd dimension.

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