• Environmental analysis solutions for wastewater treatment plants, environmental labs and a host of industrial applications

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Environmental analysis solutions for wastewater treatment plants, environmental labs and a host of industrial applications

Sep 07 2023

TE Instruments aims to play a key role in achieving a clean and safe environment from now and the future by offering their cutting-edge combustion analysers tailored to meet the variety of requirements demanded by a wide range of industrial enterprises, water management organisations, environmental testing labs and research institutions. Within The TE Instruments portfolio of environmental analysis solutions, they offer comprehensive sample preparation techniques and state-of-the-art analytical combustion analysers.

The Combustion Xprep-IC is a revolutionary solution designed to raise the standard of innovation in the world of analytical chemistry. This seamlessly integrated system, operating in conjunction with an Ion Chromatograph, is a breakthrough in PFAS bulk component analysis. TE Instruments’ Xprep C-IC  has merged the power of combustion, fraction collection, and sample transfer, thus simplifying complex sample preparation processes.

For wastewater treatment plant operators who wish to evaluate and measure the efficiency of their facility or setup, the precise measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) generally provides a reliable correlative behavior, therefore providing the perfect alternative to conventional COD measurements. TOC measurements are quick and reliable and most importantly: they do not consume polluting chemicals during sample preparation. With TE Insruments’ Xpert TOC analyser, even Total bound Nitrogen TNb analysis in parallel can be achieved. The combined values for TNb and TOC facilitate a perfect evaluation of any wastewater treatment process.

Most organic halogens found in nature are toxic, carcinogenic, persistent, and bio-accumulative; as time passes, they can pose a considerable threat to the well-being of the environment, mankind – and other animals. Consequently, global regulatory authorities have issued mandates defining the maximum legal limits of these compounds in soil and water. Analysing their specific composition to find out if the levels of these contaminants are within the permissible limits is both difficult and time-consuming. TE Instruments’ Xplorer AOX/TOX has been developed to analyse a wide range of liquid and solid matrices rapidly and precisely; it provides the perfect solution labs analysing organic halogens.

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