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Quick, easy and precise solutions for the environmental laboratory

Sep 12 2022

TE Instruments provides market-leading combustion analysers for a wide range of industrial companies, water management facilities, (environmental) testing labs, and research institutes. Their extensive range of environmental testing solutions includes sample preparation methods and analytical combustion analysers.

Having combined their Combustion Xprep-IC solution with an ion chromatograph, TE Instruments proceeded further to offer a hyphenated combination for analysing PFAS bulk components in many different matrices.

Sample preparation made easy
TE Instruments offer a fully automated, highly compact sample preparation system that performs oxidative pyro hydrolytic combustion, fraction collection, and sample injection towards the IC. The Xprep C-IC introduces samples both through optimised direct injection (liquids module) and conventional boat-inlet (boat module) into a horizontal furnace. TE Instruments’ automated sample-prep solution makes sample transfer far less complex and improves user convenience considerably.

Efficient and simple monitoring of wastewater treatment plants 
Evaluating and monitoring the efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant or setup used to be a long-winded and costly task because of the analytical origin of measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD). Measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC) usually offers good correlative behaviour in comparison to old-fashioned COD measurements and offers an ideal and simpler alternative. TOC measurements are quick, easy and precise and best of all: No polluting chemicals are used to prepare the samples. The TE Instruments’ Xpert TOC analyser enables Total bound Nitrogen TNb analysis in parallel; the combined values for TNb and TOC provide an ideal evaluation of the wastewater treatment process.

Perfect organic halogen analysis in soil and water
A majority of natural organic halogens are toxic, carcinogenic, persistent, and bio-accumulative which can, over time, become a threat to the environment and human health. Therefore, regulatory authorities around the world have set permissible limits of these compounds in soil and water. Analysing their specific composition to find out if they are within the permissible limits is both difficult and time-consuming. The Xplorer AOX/TOX analyses a wide variety of liquid and solid matrices quickly and accurately. 

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