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A host of analytical solutions for the environmental lab

Jul 30 2021

TE Instruments have focused much of their energy on becoming a global leader in environmental testing and analysis technology. Their instruments are ubiquitous in labs performing environmental analysis for a wide array of industrial and governmental customers across the globe. Their environmental analysis product range includes sample pre-treatment apparatus, preparation set-up equipment and elemental combustion analysers.  

Fully automatic sample prep for IC analysers
TE Instruments have combined a front-end sample combustion unit with an ion chromatograph to facilitate a hyphenated method of analysing PFAS bulk components in a wide variety of matrices. TE Instruments created a fully automated and compact sample-preparation system, the Xprep-C-IC, that carries out pyro-hydrolytic combustion, fraction collection, and sample injections for all established brands of ion chromatograph. This system is capable of introducing samples through optimised direct injection in liquids module or as well as conventional boat-inlet for boat module into a horizontal furnace. The Xprep C-IC has made IC sample transfer a far easier and trouble-free experience

TOC/TN analyser gives expert results for waste water treatment plant monitoring
Back in the good old days, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) used to have to take tiresome and costly chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD) readings to evaluate how well the plant was operating. Today, Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis tells us all we need to know when measuring sample’s carbon load. TOC levels are an easier to measure and extremely reliable when compared to BOD and COD analysis, and there is no need for the use of polluting chemicals during sample preparation. 

TE Instruments’ Xpert TOC/TN analyser measures TOC and TN (Total bound Nitrogen) simultaneously. The TN levels are monitored through chemiluminescence analysis rather than with a Total Kjedahl Nitrogen measurement. Combing these important measurement parameters quickly and accurately enables WWTP operators to efficiently evaluate their plants’ process. 

Explore a new way to achieve fast and accurate organic halogen analysis in the lab
Across the globe, governments have passed strict legislation to limit the environmental and human health impact of organic halogens. These persistent compounds are more often than not toxic, carcinogenic and bio-accumulative, so levels of organic halogens in soil and water need to be constantly monitored but, until now, this has been a complex and lengthy process. TE Instruments developed their Xplorer to perform faster and more accurate analysis of AOX (Adsorbable Organic Halogens), TOX (Total Organic Halogens), POX (Purgeable Organic Halogens) and EOX (Extractable Organic Halogens) via combustion and micro-coulometric analysis in a wide array of liquid and solid matrices. This analyser ends the headaches associated with obtaining fast and accurate organic halogen analysis in the lab. 

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