• Go With the FLOW For Respiratory Protection

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Go With the FLOW For Respiratory Protection

May 08 2019

When working in industrial environments that pose respiratory risks, wear the DURAFLOW Air Purified Respirator. It consistently delivers a steady stream of purified air to provide ultimate protection from dusts and hazardous gases.

Real-Time Flow Control

Designed with Comfort in Mind

Up to 16 Hours Charge

No Need For Face Fit Test

The DURAFLOW is available with a wide range of approved Scott Safety head tops and filters for industrial use, protecting workers from a variety of environmental hazards.

By providing workers with a cooling stream of purified air, the DURAFLOW, can for some workers, make the difference between whether a job can be completed or not.

Benefits of the DURAFLOW

Real-Time Flow Control - An automatic monitoring feature checks that the unit is operating correctly, warns the user of low battery and quickly compensates for changes in airflow. Battery levels and flow rate alerts are displayed on the simple LED display.

Comfortable to Wear For Long Periods of Time - At approx 600g (without filters or battery), DURAFLOW is ultra-lightweight. The low profile ergonomic design provides comfort even over extended durations of hard work.

Removeable Battery Options - Standard duration battery - up to 8 hours coverage; Extended duration battery available for longer shifts – up to 16 hours coverage*. A removable battery allows users to charge and change batteries for uninterrupted work.

No Need For Face Fit Test - For operatives with beards and facial hair, it is not possible to effectively use a gas mask, half-mask or any negative pressure respirator because these tight-fitting face pieces will not achieve a seal around the face. In order to overcome this, the DURAFLOW can be used with an FH head-top which does not require a fit-test.

Next Day Delivery from a1-cbiss

The DURAFLOW is available from a1-cbiss as a Readypak which provides you with everything you need to get started.

The Readypak includes; Duraflow respirator, Standard duration battery, Standard belt, Charger, 2x PF filters, PU fixed-length hose and headtop (there are 6 types of head tops that either provide half hood, full hood or face shield protection). All of which are straightforward and easy to don.

The Readypak includes; Duraflow respirator, Standard duration battery, Standard belt, Charger, 2x PF filters, PU fixed-length hose and headtop.

Why Buy from a1-cbiss?

a1-cbiss are a premium distributor of 3M Scott Safety’s range of respiratory and gas detection equipment. a1-cbiss have technical salespeople available to talk you through your requirements.

Buy online from a1-cbiss to qualify for next day delivery.

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