• New air quality forecast delivers high-resolution, actionable intelligence for proactive air quality management in cities

Air Monitoring

New air quality forecast delivers high-resolution, actionable intelligence for proactive air quality management in cities

Oct 12 2022

Vaisala recently launched a cutting-edge Air Quality Forecast, which offers unsurpassed hyperlocal insights with resolution down to 15-meters to help city authorities to protect their local communities and can be set up to cover an entire city within a week..

This Air Quality Forecast offers a combination of superior air quality modelling and measurements to provide air quality forecasts at street-level resolution, this includes urban landscapes, street canyons or even around vegetation. The solution utilises advanced modelling techniques using data fusion as well as other sources of information, for instance: air quality monitoring networks and local reference stations. Moreover, when partnered with Vaisala’s AQT530 air quality sensor, the Air Quality Forecast offers an even higher level of localisation and enhanced precision.

Fighting air pollution, reacting quickly to immediate air quality hazards to the local community, and planning future infrastructure, which would include traffic control, local parks and hospitals are easier if you have dependable and accurate air quality data.

Providing proactive air quality insights designed specifically for cities, Vaisala Air Quality Forecast facilitates environmental stewardship by providing unsurpassed air pollution visualisation. This is achieved thanks to its advanced dispersion modelling, providing forecasting, and air quality data to create a unique view of emissions and their impact on the environment. Vaisala’s new system also offers end-users actionable hourly forecasts; location-based predictions to alert communities when air quality indices reach critical levels. The Air Quality Forecast also provides dependable, comprehensive, precise and hyperlocal measurements. Accurate data and information enables decision-makers to act on decreasing air pollution in communities across the globe.

Vaisala’s air quality solutions that align with the European Union’s standardisation agency and the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals.

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