• Selective, reliable and simultaneous analysis of CH<sub>4</sub> and N<sub>2</sub>O greenhouse gases

Air Monitoring

Selective, reliable and simultaneous analysis of CH4 and N2O greenhouse gases

Mar 29 2022

The GASERA ONE GHG greenhouse gas analyser is based on combining ultra-sensitive cantilever enhanced photoacoustic detection technology with quantum cascade laser source operating at a Mid-IR fundamental spectral absorption line of greenhouse gases methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). In addition to these main components the GASERA ONE GHG can be expanded to measure H2O and CO2 also.

The monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is the basis for the global climate policy. A large amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere is due to human activities such as farming. Emissions take place from the livestock and from soil and are a concern for both the environment and for the efficiency of food production. Monitoring of greenhouse gases can also be used to improve the living conditions of farm animals and to evaluate the need for fertilization of the soil and soil applications in general.

Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas in terms of concentration and impact on the climate. Nitrous oxide is also very potent greenhouse gas and a major scavenger of ozone. N2O is the third most important long-lived greenhouse gas and has several recognized ill effects on our health. GASERA ONE GHG has ppb-level detection limits for both CH4 and N2O, which ensures reliable monitoring of even the smallest changes in the background levels of ambient air.

GASERA ONE GHG provides the user with a simple and intuitive interface with high resolution display and a single rotating dial. The unique photoacoustic technology provides an exceptionally high level of stability with a recommended re-calibration period of 12 months, offering a low total cost of ownership. Other benefits include: no consumables or wet chemistry, drift-free operation, high selectivity, and wide linear dynamic range.

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