• iNet™ – Gas Detection

Gas Detection

iNet™ – Gas Detection

Feb 24 2011

iNet™ – Gas Detection as a Service
All gas detectors go into alarm. And, they all need maintenance. So finding the right gas detector is not your most difficult decision. That’s the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to do when your people are exposed to alarm conditions... when they’re most at risk. And, what do you do when gas detectors go down and you’re waiting for them to be serviced?

What is iNet?
iNet is a software-based service that manages your fleet of gas detectors. iNet solves the most common gas detection problems and gives you a safer work place, increased productivity and reduced costs. It keeps people safe by providing visibility into alarms, exposure and usage. It keeps gas detectors working without costly and time-consuming maintenance. And you don’t have to buy the gas detectors when you subscribe to iNet. For a monthly fee, you can receive gas detection as a service instead.

iNet Control
Keeps You Informed... Puts You in Control iNet Control provides complete visibility into your gas detection program. Log on using any web browser for a quick look at your program’s performance, trends and items that require attention. You can also use detailed views to identify the source of potential problems, take action and save lives.

iNet Controls Helps You Manage Your Gas Detection Program more Effectively.
• See alarm event details.
• Track your performance.
• Compare your performance to industry averages.
• See sensor-level data for each gas detector.
• Monitor trends to identify potential problems.
• Encourage employee compliance.
• Configure data and reports.
• Decide who receives e-mail reports and how often.

iNet Pricing
A 48-month subscription locks in your pricing with no hidden costs. Your gas detection budget will be simple and predictable. Should your needs change, you can always update the subscription by adding gas detectors, sensors, docking stations or accessories to your fleet. An initial fee covers software licensing, installation, training, freight and associated travel expenses.

Hassle-Free Equipment Upgrades
It’s easy to get the latest technology when you renew your iNet subscription. Upgrade to nextgeneration gas detectors or continue using the same products. Either way, we’ll replace all your gas detectors and docking stations with new ones. Every time you renew.

Discover iNet. Discover a better way to do gas detection.

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