• A cost effective and simple solution to all your emission monitoring needs

Air Monitoring

A cost effective and simple solution to all your emission monitoring needs

Nov 16 2021

As a society we have become only too aware of the effects of industrial air pollution on human health and the long-term stability of our natural environment. RPS Laboratories have already been providing industries across the globe with rapid, cost-effective, tailored emission monitoring solutions for several decades. They offer a wealth of knowledge, and experience whilst using state-of-the art technology to ensure that their clients’ emissions are monitored in accordance with all the requisite local and international regulations and that local people and personnel are living and working in a safe environment. 

RPS Laboratories understand the many challenges their clients face and can respond quickly with cost effective, bespoke solutions, including analytical/technical support and service deliverables.

RPS’ clients are accustomed to their expectations on turnaround time for sample media and results being met time after time. RPS offer an extensive scope of UKAS/MCERT’s accredited forms of analysis includes the following:

Ammonia (BSEN ISO 21877:2019)
Anions/Acids (USEPA Method USEPA26+26A/BSEN 1911-1:2010)
Formaldehyde (USEPA 316)
HCI (BSEN 1911-1:2010)
HF (BS ISO 15713:2006)
Hydrogen Sulphide (USEPA 11)
lsocyanates (USEPA CTM 036)

Mercury (BSEN 13211 :2001)
Metals (BSEN 14385:2004)
Nitrogen Oxides (USEPA Method 7D)
Particulates (BSEN 13284:2017)
Phenols and Cresols (NIOSH 2546)
Sulphur Dioxide (BSEN 14791 :2017)
Volatile Organic Compounds (BSEN 13649:2014)

RPS Laboratories are active members of the Source Testing Association and their labs operate consistently to the high levels of the LGC STACKS quality assurance scheme.

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