• Hach Lange: ISE Probe for Ammonium Measurements


Hach Lange: ISE Probe for Ammonium Measurements

Jan 01 2000

Hach Lange Ltd ISE probe: calibrationfree with CARTICAL technology. There are lots of ionselective electrodes, but only NH4D sc from HACH LANGE has CARTRICAL. The combined sensors are all integrated and optimised in the precalibrated cartridge. CARTRICAL is better value than individual electrodes and is designed for error free operation. Changing the cartridge is simple, just remove the old one, plug in a new one and enter the code – ready for use!

HACH LANGE offers cost effective solution for waste water measurements
Ammonium is an important parameter in waste water treatment. NH4D sc continually measures directly in the process using the ionselective electrode. No sample preparation is needed and interference by potassium is automatically compensated for. The readings are especially stable thanks to the integrated pHD reference technology.

The low purchase price makes NH4D sc the perfect choice, even for small plants.

Proven nutrient sensors
All SC sensors can be used with the SC digital controllers; up to eight per measurement location and also available as a network. The measurement method depends on the application:

AMTAX sc: onsite tank side NH4 analyser

NITRATAX sc: insitu NO3 probe

PHOSPHAX sc: onsite tankside PO4 analyser

EVITA INSITU 4100 sc: insitu PO4 or NH4 analyser.

Reliable, stable and calibration free sensor
CARTRICAL is a compact sensor cartridge with three electrodes, which are perfectly calibrated to each other. Cross sensitivities between ammonium and potassium are automatically eliminated. Solids do not interfere with the measurement. NH4D sc is calibration free. A matrix correction can be carried out quickly and easily at any time. The ISE probe is controlled by an SC Controller. Depending on the model, up to eight different sensors can be connected to one controller.

Simple operation
A compressedair cleaning head is also available for NH4D sc. Each sensor is individually cleaned. The streamlined body of the cleaning head remains practically free of debris due to its smooth surface and the internal tube guides.

HACH LANGE offers a compact compressor module to go with the compressed air cleaning head. The weatherproof plastic housing is suitable for tankside installation without any additional structural requirement.

For a brochure or a free quote, please contact sarah.blayds@hachlange.co.uk or call 0161 872 1487.

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