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Peracetic Acid Monitor Introduced

Mar 25 2013

Exposure to sterile gases such as Peracetic Acid (PAA) causes you serious health effects. Severe burning and irritation to the skin, lungs, throat and eyes are amongst the possible health hazards.

Peracetic Acid is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its high oxidising potential. It is used as a disinfectant, steriliser and cleanser to reduce food spillage and increase shelf life. Potential harmful concentrations of PAA are used in food and beverage filling, packaging and dry storage applications within hospitals, pharmaceutical packaging facilities, food and drink manufacturers, and farming.

Given the health effects from exposure to PAA, regulatory agencies have imposed acute exposure guideline levels to ensure thresholds are not exceeded. A TLV-STEL of 0.2ppm is recommended for occupational exposure to PAA to protect workers against this highly toxic gas.

Continuous environmental monitoring protects employees subject to the dangerous gases from acute and health effects by recording the toxic concentrations in real time and providing alarms for proactive protection.

A continuous monitoring system plus safe working practices and education program are the most effective ways to ensure employee protection and maximise productivity.

ChemQAQ’s Steri-Trac Sterilant Gas Area Monitoring System provides the optimal solution for workplace safety assurance, protecting personnel from serious health effects associated with exposure to sterilant gases. Monitoring solutions range from a single area monitor to a multi-point, multi-gas system.

Workers need to know if dangerous levels of toxic gas are present BEFORE they enter a room. Steri-Trac Remote Display Repeaters are wired to an area monitor and mounted outside the entrance to areas where the toxic gases are in use. They extend the same visual and audible display features of their companion Steri-Trac area monitors to remote locations so that your staff knows if it is safe to enter the potentially contaminated area.

“Envirocell” offers Sensor Modules to support detection of a number of gases including: Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone and Peracetic Acid. Calibrated sensors can easily be clipped onto the monitor to begin monitoring.

The monitors work in conjunction with ChemDAQ’s Data Acquisition Computer (DAQ) to continuously monitor gas concentrations in a given area, displaying real time PPM concentrations. A large tri-colour LED display with two user defined alarm thresholds gives audible and visual alarms when pre-set levels are met.

The DAQ Central Monitoring System is a PC based data acquisition and monitoring system that continuously tracks gas concentrations from up to 32 area monitors. The DAQ provides features like real time tracking and the display of time weighted averages (TWA) using a colour coded graphical display.

Other features include “Impending Alerts” where alerts provide a proactive means to alert the personnel of potential hazardous gas concentrations.

ChemDAQ continue to adapt proven technology to meet a wide array of customer needs; the most recent is UL and CSA certification for monitoring toxic gas in intrinsically safe environments registered as Class 1, Division 1, Zone 0.d.

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