• H2S Monitor Calibrates On Site & Detects at ppb Levels

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H2S Monitor Calibrates On Site & Detects at ppb Levels

Sep 11 2013

DOD Technologies Europe – represented by a1-cbiss (UK) – has launched a new portable colorimetric detection device for ppb detection of H2S.

Whether you require personal safety equipment or portable monitoring equipment the ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) offers a solution that is simple to use, interference free and low maintenance.

The low level capabilities of the CLPX make it well suited to provide low level gas detection at ppb levels in a wide variety of applications including; Polyurethane Foam - Health Surveys, Specialty Chemical - Emergency Response and more specifically for Hydrogen Sulphide odour control in waste water treatment.

Hydrogen Sulphide is a byproduct of decomposed waste. The effluent gas from treatment systems may be discharged into the air and be transferred to surrounding communities. Due to its low odour threshold, the parts per billion ranges, the odour produced by wastewater treatment facilities causes bother for surrounding neighboring residents. Because of this offensive, “rotten egg” odour at low level concentrations, monitoring is frequently required.

Free from interference the CLPX detects at 0 – 90 ppb and is the perfect answer to ‘on-the-spot’ odour monitoring in waste water.

Calibrate in the field

Unlike its competitors, the CLPX does not require annual calibration. It is made up of 3 items to allow the user to calibrate in the field; optics, flow and ChemLogic Cassettes. The Optics automatically calibrates the CLPX before every analysis and the flow can be monitored with the flow meter provided with the CLPX to ensure proper levels.  

The unique colorimetric technology provides the only continuous type monitoring system available with the fast response to low ppb levels as well as long term exposure data. The ChemLogic tapes are low cost and user replaceable, allowing for quick and easy calibration on site.  

Keep up to 5 years worth of data

The CLPX includes an SD card to store event history, gas concentrations, STEL, faults, etc. It can record and store up to 5 years worth of data with the additional option of exporting to Microsoft Excel for simple reporting.

As part of a1-cbiss’ extended hire fleet, the CLPX is now available to ‘try before you buy’ with no limit on hire periods and competitive prices.

Visit our website for more information or contact our sales team on +44 (0)151 666 8300. 

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