• Useful Combination of Systems for Particle Measurements in Size Range 4 nm to 40 µm
    Measurement of the dust behaviour in the workplace

Air Monitoring

Useful Combination of Systems for Particle Measurements in Size Range 4 nm to 40 µm

Jul 14 2015

The Palas (Germany) U-RANGE 2000 combines an U-SMPS system with the Fidas 200 for the continuous measurement of airborne particles in the size range of 4 nm to 40 μm.

The U-SMPS system is a high-resolution measuring device for determination of particle size distributions of nanoparticles from 4 nm to 1.2 µm. Aerosol particles are selected in the size classifier (DEMC) according to their electrical mobility and then counted by a condensation particle counter (UF-CPC).

The Fidas 200 is a fine dust monitoring device that has been certified by TÜV Rheinland. By publication in the German Federal Gazette it is approved by the Umweltbundesamt for monitoring by regulatory authorities. Its special features include recognised measurement technology of optical light scattering of single particles as well as an LED light source with stable output and long lifetime. In addition to the determination of the PM-fractions PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and TSP (PMtot) it continuously and simultaneously determines the particle size distribution in the size range of 180 nm to 40 μm.

The U-RANGE 2000 is operated by using a graphical user interface on a touch screen. It enables a high size resolution of up to 128 size channels per decade. The integrated data logger allows linear and logarithmic display of the measured values on the device itself.

The enclosed evaluation software provides various data evaluation (extensive statistics and averaging) and export capabilities.

The U-RANGE 2000 is typically operated as a stand-alone device, but can also be connected to a computer or network using various interfaces (USB, LAN, WLAN, RS-232/485).

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