• Resource-Friendly Processes and Products


Resource-Friendly Processes and Products

Nov 05 2016

The measurement systems manufacturer Nivus GmbH (Germany) regularly invests in optimum process design. In addition to certification according to ISO 9001-2015 the company was certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard this year for the first time. Managing director Marcus Fischer says: "As a provider of measurement systems whose products are mainly used in the fields of water supply, water treatment and wastewater disposal, we consider it our responsibility to conserve resources by optimising our internal processes“.

Apart from developing a future environment policy and training all employees accordingly, the company this year has set itself concrete goals to conserve environments. For example, the entire headquarters lighting system was updated to latest LED technology combined with smart lighting controls. Another measure is the replacement of the entire printer fleet by energy-efficient units and systems featuring very low power consumption particularly during standby. "We want to minimise the environmental impacts even in the future by optimising our processes. We will gladly take up according ideas and suggestions from our employees“, Fischer says.

The new construction of the headquarters in Eppingen-Muehlbach 2017 is planned to exceed the current statutory requirements regarding environmental protection by far. Solar power, the use of latest construction materials as well as energy-efficient systems for heating and ventilation enable very low energy consumption.

The NIVUS products themselves are resource-friendly too. The company has developed a measurement system which is significantly more sustainable in terms of material consumption and use of resources regarding units and installation than other systems available on the market today. To measure the flow of water and wastewater in full pipes the manufacturer relies on ultrasonic systems. Particularly in large pipes an extreme reduction of raw materials of up to 98% in contrast to commonly used magnetic-inductive measurement systems can be achieved with the same accuracy by using ultrasonic systems. More benefits such as easier and more convenient logistics and installation can be found on the assets side of the environmental balance sheet too.

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