• Own Your Data with New Telemetry System


Own Your Data with New Telemetry System

Jul 20 2015

The use of telemetry systems for the collection and distribution of water quality or water level data is not a new application. Over the years these devices have seen many developments, for example: the hardware has become smaller and the ways to view and manage your data has vastly increased. Whilst secure online storage can provide you with peace of mind and the ability to manipulate years of collected data, this comes with a recurring cost by way of annual subscriptions.

The new AquaTelemetry system from Aquaread (UK) takes a different approach removing all annual subscriptions and allowing you to own 100% of your data. This is achieved by simply sending emails containing the collected data direct to the customer’s email address or via SMS to a device such as a mobile phone. The included PC software then automatically adds this data to historic datasets providing the user with the ability to plot and manage all of their collected data in a similar way to the online portals. The added advantage of this approach is that the data generated is not copied or stored on a server potentially in a foreign country, so you truly can own your data.

The AquaTelemetry system has some great new features that make life easy for both the customer using it and for the engineer installing it. For example, you can get a reading on the signal strength on the optional display or using the LEDs inside the device meaning you can be sure you have a good connection to the mobile network as you deploy the system. The optional display also gives you the current battery level, previous readings and the alert status while you are on site. Once installed you are able to communicate directly with the telemetry device using your mobile phone and predefined SMS / Email commands. These commands allow you to fully configure the logging protocol, set alert levels, get live measurements, set site IDs and even add contact phone numbers and email addresses for alert notifications. If you do not wish to set up via a mobile you can choose the settings you require in the PC application and then send the information to the AquaTelemetry system straight from the app in the form of an email.

Not only is the unit designed to work seamlessly with all Aquaread products, but you can also connect up to 5 third party SDI-12 measuring devices. With various options for powering the device including internal lithium batteries or external 12v as standard, it’s a very flexible telemetry system indeed.

The AquaTelemetry is a key component in the LeveLine-EWS early warning system used to alert for rising water levels. Using the new LeveLine-Mini to record changes in the water level and temperature, the built in pressure sensor in the AquaTelemetry unit provides fully compensated water level data that is used to send alerts when water levels rise. Removing the on-going cost of annual subscriptions makes this system affordable for local communities or private customers looking to protect their properties or assets that are at risk of flooding.

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