• Detecting and measuring gas leaks - The Great Escape

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Detecting and measuring gas leaks - The Great Escape

Oct 12 2022

The next Gas Analysis and Sensing Group event, which is a hybrid meeting, will be held on Thursday 1st December at City, University of London. The title of the meeting is “Detecting and measuring gas leaks - The Great Escape”. Our hosts in central London have also offered a tour of their labs in a first for a December meeting.

Detecting and reducing gas leaks is now not only a matter of health and safety but also environmental responsibility. However, to make an environmental difference, the limits of detection have to come down and gas leak detection has to become more widespread. At the same time, new gases used as energy sources or energy vectors are driving big changes in the marketplace. There are big challenges, and great opportunities for those who get the solutions right.

Our meeting will look at what’s new in the world of gas leak detection, quantification and modelling with speakers from around the world as well as the UK. We will hear about the challenges of leak detection in the petrochemical industry, new technology and modelling techniques to detect ever smaller leaks from ever wider areas, as well as a US facility to test detection effectiveness  at full, realistic scale.

 For more information, please contact us today.

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