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  • Why not : continuous dilution with capillaries
    BetaCAP30x100 diagram

Why not : continuous dilution with capillaries

Apr 23 2014

We know MFCs diluters are flexible but unaccurate and unstable and capillaries type gas dividers are stable and accurate but rigid. Why not to make a gas diluter flexible, accurate and stable ?  BetaCAP30x100 is the answer.  It's a gas divider made by two capillary modules : a fixed pre.divider 1:100 and a 30 steps divider 0...100%.  The final result is a 30 + 30 steps gas divider, operating both in the renge of emissions (30 steps from 0 to 100%) and air quality (30 steps from 0,033% to 1%).  The newest performance of this gas diluter is to allow overcoming the "step by step" division : using automatically in a clever mode the very accurate pressure electonic regulation, a continuous selection of the diluted gas concentration is allowed in the range 0,025%...98,5%. 

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