• TOC analyser helps municipal wastewater plants meet environmental regulations with confidence


TOC analyser helps municipal wastewater plants meet environmental regulations with confidence

Nov 14 2022

Electro-Chemical Devices’s (ECD) precise and dependable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser was designed and developed to enable engineers and technicians at wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to monitor carbon levels with complete confidence. ECD’s rugged analyser has been built to withstand the harsh environments ubiquitous to WWTPs and their accuracy helps personnel to control the treatment and post-treatment process to optimum levels whilst complying with environmental regulations.

This analyser operates utilising UV persulfate non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection technology, which accurately detects generated carbon dioxide thanks to an extremely stable NDIR detector. Whether monitoring wastewater, groundwater or surface water, TOC is a crucial measurement parameter for facilitating efficient wastewater treatment and avoiding contamination in sensitive environments; ECD’s TOC Analyser provides a safe solution for all of these applications. This device, as well as the method comply to  ISO, DIN, CE, US EPA, ASTM and NAMUR regulations.

ECD’s TOC Analyser is simple to use and install and includes a password-protected touchscreen display clearly indicating output/input data, status information, alarms and fault conditions.  A mere touch on the touchscreen buttons allows access to commands and settings. 

The instrument also features a unique valve-free sample line, which largely puts an end to tiresome blockages to aid almost continuous operation. Auto clean, auto-calibration and auto-validation functions ensure precise values that can be reproduced any time with no operator intervention necessary.

When compared to conventional analysers where the flow is controlled by a glass tube rotameter, the with the This TOC analyser’s carrier gas flow is controlled digitally, the flow is monitored by integrated smart diagnostics and the analyser stops automatically and displays a warning alert should an abnormal value be detected. Most industrial TOC analysers utilise a less reliable glass rotameter for their gas flow control, 

The ECD TOC Analyser is protected by a dual compartment enclosure, with isolated water sample components in one compartment, while the electronics are located in the second compartment for enhanced safety and reliability. The IP54, NEMA 3 rated analyser compartment conforms to EN610004-2, EN610004-4, C46-022, EN 55022 and EN 61326 requirements.

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