• Explosion-proof liquid analyser measures a host of parameters including specific ions, pH, ORP and DO


Explosion-proof liquid analyser measures a host of parameters including specific ions, pH, ORP and DO

Apr 02 2024

Electronic Component Devices, Inc.’s (ECD) robust, modular and highly versatile X80 Universal Transmitter and S88 Intelligent Sensors offer end users a dependable, user-friendly, plug-n-play, and highly accurate liquid measurement analyser solution that is compatible with contemporary operating and control systems for the most demanding of industrial and municipal applications.

ECD’s highly intelligent system is ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA certified and includes a sealed 316 stainless transmitter and sensors with a formidable array of international hazardous area safety approvals. Users of this versatile system have the choice of a wide variety of sensors, materials and electrodes to suit a host of different applications. The S88 range of sensors have a long sensor life and less maintenance costs in numerous locations where other sensors cannot endure. 

The oil/gas and chemical industries are a fine example, along with many others; they need precise liquid analysis of corrosive fluids, cooling and rinse water, along with other liquids to protect hardware, secure quality production and comply to various environmental regulations.  The X80-S88 Analyser provides the perfect answer for monitoring these fluids covering a variety of parameters such as pH as a gauge of sour gas and in overhead crude, pH, ORP, conductivity and chlorine in cooling tower operations; and pH, ORP, DO and a variety of pIONs in wastewater effluent.

ECD’s Model X80 Universal Transmitter comes as either a single or a dual-channel instrument for continuous measurement. It has standard MODBUS or optional HART digital bus communications as well as three optional alarm relays.  The modular X80 Transmitter communicates with all Model S88 Intelligent Sensors; it also automatically configures the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the requisite measurement parameter.

The X80 Transmitter and ECD’s S88 Sensors are encased in a robust 316 stainless steel housing and feature a large easy-to-read sealed display, thereby putting an end to the need to inventorise multiple instruments.  The sophisticated S88 Sensors enable two-way communication with the X80 Transmitter, automatically converting it to the parameter of choice.  The X80 also can be utilised with standard S80 Sensors at a lower cost to measure the same parameters in non-hazardous areas.

The S88’s measurement parameter, identity and serial number are all logged in the sensor’s memory as well as calibration registers for parameter measurements.  The sensors are pre-calibrated; therefore they are ready for use on delivery and can be connected to the X80 Transmitters immediately. These highly resilient sensors are waterproof and submersible and all of its internal components are epoxy encapsulated, ensuring a high level of protection. 

The S88 Sensors are ideal for a host of applications, such as oil/gas production, petrochemical refining, electric power generation and water and wastewater treatment. The S88 features two universal sensor designs, the insertion/submersion or valve retractable version, with flared end to prevent blow out. The standard model of S88 Sensor has a rugged 0.75-inch/19 mm O.D. 316 stainless steel body with a 10-foot/3 meter cable; an optional waterproof detachable cable assembly is also available.

The X80 Transmitter features a large easily viewable 128-x-64-pixel LCD with three easily switchable main display screens for data, millivolt and graphics.

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