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  • Quickly Determine the Nitrate Content in Soil

Quickly Determine the Nitrate Content in Soil

Feb 09 2021

Reflectoquant® test strips and reflectometer are an affordable system for quickly measuring chemical concentrations such as nitrate (NO3) in soil and water.

Measuring nitrate is essential to help farmers and crop consultants adjust the fertiliser use and match the nitrogen (N) needs of various types of crops. In this video, we analyse the nitrate content in soil through a quick and easy analytical method using the Supelco RQflex® 20 reflectometer and Reflectoquant® Nitrate test strips.

Nitrate is an essential nutrient for plants to grow, by adding nitrogen to the soil. This nitrogen is a vital component of plant proteins and chlorophyll, required for the process of photosynthesis. Testing the soil for nitrate is therefore very critical for managing fertiliser use in crop production. Levels in soils need to be tested regularly - including the residues leftover from previous fertiliser applications. If there is too much nitrate in the soil, the pH drops, and the soil becomes too acidic. Soil acidification produces numerous negative consequences such as alteration of soil microorganisms and a decrease in earthworm population. There is also a danger that it will be drained by rainwater causing algal to grow, consequently asphyxiating rivers, lakes and ground water. 

Find out more on what you need to quickly and accurately measure nitrates in soils to gain better crops and protect our environment.

Learn more about the Reflectoquant® System for a precise on-site quantitative analysis of a broad range of parameters including nitrate. Our RQflex® 20 reflectometer is portable and very easy to use for accurate and reliable results.

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