• Greater Accuracy and Stability with Cartrical®
NH4D sc Ammonium ISE Probe

Environmental Laboratory

Greater Accuracy and Stability with Cartrical® NH4D sc Ammonium ISE Probe

Dec 31 2007

The NH4D sc ISE ammonium probe from HACH LANGE, with new
CARTRICAL® technology, is clearly superior to comparable products.
All sensors are integrated and coordinated in the compact
CARTRICAL® cartridge. NH4D sc is ideally suitable for use in aeration
tanks and is a cost-efficient solution even for small plants.
The CARTRICAL® sensor cartridge is designed for long-term calibration-
free use. It is also drift stable, thanks to the rugged integrated pHD
reference element (differential electrode). Cross-sensitivities between
ammonium and potassium are automatically compensated for.
Solids do not interfere with the measurement. NH4D sc carries out
continuous direct in-process measurements without any need for
sample preparation.
The CARTRICAL® sensor cartridge, which is more favourably priced
than individual electrodes, ensures error-free handling. Just remove the
old cartridge, plug in the new one, and enter the code. As all the sensors
are changed together, optimal accuracy is assured.
The NH4D sc ISE probe is controlled by the proven SC controllers.
Depending on the model, up to eight different sensors can be connected
to one controller. Integration into existing BUS systems and the
networking of several controllers are also possible.

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