• ATMOS Celebrates 5 Years in Meteorological Measurements

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ATMOS Celebrates 5 Years in Meteorological Measurements

Jul 01 2008

ATMOS (France) promotes innovative concepts that conducted to several significant projects around the world in relationship with environment, with its own range of instruments or in the field of systemintegration using sensors from its main american partner RM-YOUNG. ATMOS is a french company based in Le Mans, created in 2003 by a group of research scientists. Progressively, the company is growing in the meteorological field thanks to its product implantations in all over the world as in European Union, in Asia and in North America. Usually, it sells its products for specific activities such as scientific research, airport activities, traffic, agriculture...; but more and more frequently
private people are interested to this technics in relationship to the new challenges of the environment.
In industrial area, safety become since few decades a key issue for the facility itself and for the surrounding area.
However 0% probability of spill is up to now a goal but not yet a fact. In emergency situation, rescues should reach the implantation safety and easily. Moreover, the area affected by the plume should be evacuated in an optimal way. The vector of the spill will be the wind that should be known in terms of speed and direction. Moreover, these
two data should be processed, which means defined in terms of average and standard deviation.
To match this challenge, ATMOS developped a capability to manage all steps of your project from definition of deployment location, meteorological instruments needed prescription, installation infrastructures up to data processing and trainning. Once this first step completed, ATMOS proposes a complete set of services like on site or workshop control, repair and also data post processing to build yearly wind roses on example. As an example ATMOS deployed in its premises a met garden with the all range of sensor, data and produce information in real time avalaible from the website:
Moreover, ATMOS is strongly involved in innovative products such as CIR-4 (cloud infrared radiometer), a day and night cloud cover monitoring, measuring nebulosity and associated parameters with a frequency up to once per minute. This product entirely developped, designed and produced by ATMOS represents a significant innovation in the meteorological field and a solution for companies like yours. Presently, several new concepts are under development in the field of softwares for AWOS and for accuracy and survival improvement of CIR-4.
The instruments and its measurements deployed in the meteorological sector are becoming a competitive strategies to the global environment in response to improve your investments and to new challenges.

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