• New Economic Wind Data Logger

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New Economic Wind Data Logger

Feb 29 2008

WindLogger has been developed for economic logging of real-time wind
speed and direction data when using anemometers with a single serial output.
This data logger from Richard Paul Russell Ltd (UK) is ideal for field data acquisition due to its low power consumption, high capacity data storage and compact design.
WindLogger is compatible with Gill Instruments’ WindSonic ultrasonic
sensors. To configure the unit for use with other sensors, the baud rate and the identifying start and end characters, which define each ASCII sentence to be logged, are user selectable.
Wind data is time-stamped and conveniently stored onto an MMCmobile
memory card so no PC hook-up is required in the field. A new data file (.CSV) is generated for each day’s recording and when transferred to a PC, may be analysed with any standard spreadsheet program.
WindLogger is the latest model in the SpaceLogger-RS range of loggers which cover a wide spectrum of data logging applications.

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