• Continuous Monitoring of Isotopic CO2

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Continuous Monitoring of Isotopic CO2

Feb 29 2008

Picarro (USA) has released a field-deployable, real-time ambient gas monitor which measures isotopic ratios of carbon in CO2 as well as
total CO2 concentration with parts-per-billion sensitivity. Isotopic carbon (12C and 13C) ratio measurements have long been used for gas fingerprinting in applications such as energy exploration, carbon sequestration and ecological carbon cycle studies and in
environmental monitoring.
This new analyser enables such analysis to be done in situ and in real time with performance rivaling that of large, currently laboratory-based
IR-MS systems. The analyser is designed to maintain high linearity, precision, and accuracy for many months with minimal calibration, over changing environmental conditions, requiring little or no sample preparation or costly consumables.
Compared to competing technologies, maintenance and ownership costs are
dramatically reduced. The unique capabilities of the underlying
Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) are complemented by a robust analyser design, including meticulous temperature and pressure control and a high-precision wavelength monitor assuring immunity from interfering gases.
Picarro analysers are being used in many of the world’s leading atmospheric monitoring laboratories including NOAA, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Los Alamos National Lab in North America and in similar
institutions world wide.
Picarro also manufactures ultra-trace gas analysers for monitoring a variety of gases including CH4, H2S, HN3, formaldehyde and ethylene.
Please visit our website at www.picarro.com or email us at info@picarro.com

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