• Direct vs Indirect - How are you measuring NO2?
  • Figure 1. Serinus 60. The way it works.
  • Figure 2. Serinus 60 NO2 gas analyser.

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Direct vs Indirect - How are you measuring NO2?

Apr 13 2016

In March at ARABLAB in Dubai, Ecotech presented the latest addition to the renowned Serinus range: The Serinus 60; the more affordable direct measurement NO2 analyser with CAPS technology. 

Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS), allows direct measurement of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), rather than an indirect calculation from a chemiluminescence analyser. Using a modulated blue LED light source, the detector measures the phase shift attributable to the level of NO2 in the measurement cell over an average path length of several kilometres. No converter, no high vacuum, no ozone and no chemical reactions are required. Serinus 60, enables NO2 measurement directly, precisely and rapidly

Never has accurate measurement of NO2 been more important, or higher on the agenda, for environmental protection. Studies and health reports have raised awareness of the risks to human health from nitrogen dioxide, such as decreased lung function and other respiratory conditions.

A worsening global problem needs effective measures
Nitrogen dioxide is in the forefront of concerns over air pollution in cities worldwide. Authorities have been forced to take drastic measures, such as odd-even number plate days, green taxes, car-scrapping and ride-sharing programmes in an attempt to mitigate the problem. But, as urban populations, industry, vehicle ownership and transportation increase, the underlying issue is getting worse.

For environmental protection agencies NO2 has long been ‘on the radar’ as a criteria gas. Until the advent of the advanced and more affordable CAPS technology, levels were derived from indirect measurement, posing disadvantages such as precision of measurement and response when levels were dynamic. 

Serinus 60. It’s a game changer

For years now, the Serinus range has been recognised internationally for precision and usability. The new Serinus 60 is no different. It has been designed from the outset with the user in mind: intuitive to use, simple to configure and offering in-the-field accuracy and reliability.

These qualities count, when the risks from NO2 are under scrutiny like never before. By delivering direct measurement, in an affordable and usable package, Serinus 60 is a huge step forward in addressing NO2 pollution in an increasingly urbanised world.

The Ecotech advantage
Serinus 60 comes with the backing of Ecotech, a global leader in environmental monitoring since the 1970s. Today, Ecotech is a trusted partner in the protection of workforces, communities and the environment in over 80 countries. We operate and maintain one of the largest networks of monitoring systems in the world. The quality of our products and solutions are second to none, and we’re globally recognised for our expertise in technical support.

It all stems from the problem-solving mindset that’s been part of our DNA since day one, and still drives us today. It goes hand-in-hand with our acute awareness of environmental issues and the need to stay ahead of changes in the natural world.

Contact Ecotech for ordering and delivery details. Tel: +61 3 9730 7800 (International), Tel: 1300 364 946 (Australia), email or visit the website.

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