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Fine PM CEMS Evaluation Study Status of a Current Joint European Project

Oct 06 2014

Author: Wolfgang Jockel, Wahab Mojtahedi on behalf of CEM

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Particulate matter (PM) is one of the most significant pollutants due to its harmful effects to human beings and the environment. The EC accordingly established a Framework Directive in 1996 and the First Daughter Directive for Fine Particles PM 10/PM 2,5 in 1999 /1,2/. These initial requirements must form part of the national concepts of all EU member states by July 2001. In case of non compliance with air standards, measures and action plans for the emission sources must be implemented. Reliable data can be provided only by continuous monitoring systems. Approved monitors are in operation for ambient air, but not for fine PM emissions from industrial sources.

This intermediate report of a joint EU project is focused on the introduction of individual PM monitors, the results obtained from the executed wind tunnel tests and the efforts to separate fine PM. Finally an overview will be given for further activities and workplans.

1. Introduction
For the emissions determination and monitoring of PM 10 mass concentrations from industrial sources no approved and validated measurement methods exist. Random samples with multi-stage cascade impactors are used to determine the size distribution of particles in flue gas.

In general reliable and time representative data can only be provided by automated monitoring systems. Today real-time as well as long term based information for PM 10 cannot be provided for industrial emission sources. The actual available CEMS can simply measure total suspended matter (TSP) but not differentiate fine particle fractions.

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