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Certifi cation of Automated Measuring Systems - New Regulations and New Opportunities

May 24 2018

Author: Guido Baum on behalf of TUV Rheinland

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The type approval and certifi cation of automated measuring systems is since several years an important topic for the manufacturers of automated measuring systems. In the UK and Germany national certifi cation systems and minimum requirements for CEMS were implemented long time ago. In the year 2004 a uniform system for the quality assurance of automated systems was introduced in Europe with the publication of the EN 14181. With the implementation of the EN 15267 part 1 to 3 in the years 2008 and 2009 also European minimum requirements for the type approval and requirements for the quality management system for the manufacturers of CEMS were published.

Actually the type approval of an analyzer is an important “door-opener” for the manufacturers to participate in the market for CEMS for the observation of emission limit values.

Now the European CEM market is infl uenced by impulses form amendments in the regulations, which needs to be taken into account by the analyzer manufacturers, plant operators as well as the responsible authorities.

The presentation should give an overview about new trends in the regulations for the certifi cation and quality assurance of AMS. The focus will be on the following topics:
1) EN 14181:2014 New requirements for the use of AMS and for the quality assurance in the field
2) EN 15267-4 Certifi cation of portable analyzers
3) Uniform European regulations for data acquisition and handling system’s actual situation

The presentation will point out, that the certifi cation of CEMS is not only a need. The certifi cation of CEMS is also a chance for the access of new markets if the involved
CEM manufacturers have the right product and the right certifi cation at the right time.

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