• Precise industrial benzene monitoring instrumentation available within days or even hours

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Precise industrial benzene monitoring instrumentation available within days or even hours

Nov 26 2021

Benzene has many practical applications in a variety of industries. However, the risk to health is well known and accurate and dedicated monitoring instrumentation specifically for managing the hazard of benzene is crucial for any enterprise that works with it. The use of PID (photoionisation detection) instruments from ION Science has already proven to be excellent way of protecting people and the environment against the danger of benzene exposure.

ION Science offer a range of devices specifically created for monitoring benzene.

Reliable personal benzene monitor
ION Science’s Cub TAC (total aromatic compound) 10.0 eV is a highly dependable personal monitor, worn within the wearer’s breathing area, facilitating exact individual monitoring of benzene exposure levels. This instrument includes both audio and visual alarms which activate when exposure exceeds pre-set levels. Data is uploaded for review by the onsite health and safety staff, so any benzene hazards can be rapidly addressed.

Gods of benzene monitoring
ION Science’s Titan fixed benzene specific gas monitor can be easily fitted around sites, factories, and storage units. This is widely used for monitoring benzene, at high-risk locations for benzene exposure such as oil refineries and foundries. These facilities can be vast and therefore not always monitored in person. The Titan samples air every 60 seconds, providing an accurate, up-to-the-minute readout of benzene air concentrations. With its dynamic detection range, the Titan was made to monitor for benzene at just 0.1 ppm levels, ensuring that personnel are as safe as possible when in proximity to the device.

Portable benzene monitor for all day protection
In situations where only portable detection is the answer, ION Science’s Tiger Select portable benzene gas detector offers the perfect solution for checking benzene levels while staff are at work. The Tiger Select monitors both 15-minute short term exposure limits and 8-hour time-weighted averages, thus making it possible to monitor for benzene exposure risks at all levels, throughout the day.

Do you need benzene monitoring instruments right now?

If so, thanks to their global network of suppliers, distributors and branch offices ION Science’s range of benzene specific instruments are available in a delivery time turnaround of days, not weeks, in fact, many customers have received their device within 24 hours.

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