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Free Posters from the World of Ion Analysis

Oct 29 2007

Scientific posters from Metrohm inform you about aspects and methods in ion chromatography both concisely and clearly.
Whereas ten years ago the generally accepted opinion was that posters were a cheap substitute for papers, today it is increasingly obvious that posters – assuming
comparable academic standards – are largely equivalent to papers. The great advantage of posters lies in their interactivity; the presenters
can enter into personal contact with their public via the poster. In this way even complicated aspects can be discussed simply and in a time-saving manner directly at the conference venue; time-consuming E-Mail
discussions, in which misunderstandings frequently occur, are no longer necessary. However, in order to utilise this decisive advantage the poster – as opposed to the paper – must first attract the attention of the conference participants. This requires a compact and clear presentation of the scientific results, particularly when a flood of posters are competing for the interest of the public at large conferences.
Against this background Metrohm has in the last few months produced several posters for various conferences (Pittcon 2007, CIA 2007,
HPLC 2007). With the aim of increasing the attention and recognition rating at conferences and exhibitions, the posters from the fields of
ion chromatography, potentiometric and Karl Fischer titration, stability measurement and process monitoring are now presented with a
uniform appearance. After registration you can download all these posters under http://www.metrohm.com/poster.html.

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