• Opsis SM200 PM10 Gets Mcerts Accreditation

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Opsis SM200 PM10 Gets Mcerts Accreditation

Dec 31 2007

Enviro Technology (ET) has gained MCERTS accreditation for its new OPSIS SM200 PM10 analyser. Only the second particulate analyser to receive an MCERTS accreditation for ambient monitoring, the system provides a total solution for the monitoring of particulate matter and can be used for both automatic measurement and filter sampling.

Fully operational by remote control, it’s ideally suited for modern monitoring stations and exceeds the standard performance levels of gravimetrical analysers by providing real-time results.

Typically, the SM200 works by using a new filter at the start of each 24-hour period to capture dust particles. The filters are stored in the machine for up to 40 days and then gravimetrically analysed to European analysis standards. A beta-attenuation mass monitoring system measures particulates on a daily basis, meeting the EU equivalency requirements for PM10 monitoring.

An optional module on the new ET SM200 provides additional, instantaneous data calculating 15, 30 or 60-minute averages, giving the user total flexibility, as well as the ability to spot peaks and troughs during the day. And because different sites have varying characteristics, the unit can also be tuned to the exact specifications of the location.

The PM10 head is designed for 2.3m3/h and there is also a PM2.5 version designed for 1.0 m3/h. Both meet the new regulations for automatic monitoring of PM10and PM2.5 as well as that for particulate matter sampling on filter membranes for further analysis of cadmium, nickel, PAH and other substances.

ET operations director, Duncan Mounsor explains, “The SM200 has been designed to be straightforward to use whilst delivering an excellent combination of performance standards and real-time results. This package of benefits has been recognised with the MCERTS accreditation.”

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