• Combustion measurement technology for every industrial process

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Combustion measurement technology for every industrial process

Sep 09 2022

AMETEK Land offer a comprehensive range of solutions for combustion measurement to enable industrial plant operators to monitor smoke and toxic gas and comply to local and international environmental regulations. Different locations have different process requirements, AMETEK Land’s range caters for all these different criteria, it includes continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), cross-stack monitoring, periodic flue gas measurement and extractive sampling. They offer both portable and fixed emission monitors along with non-contact thermometers to provide users with measurement data to enable them to optimise the environmental performance of their process.

One such solution is the AMETEK Land Lancom 4, a robust and versatile portable flue gas analyser capable of measuring up to 8 flue gases simultaneously. This device is the perfect tool for providing periodic tests to ensure that the plant is compliant with emission limits and carrying out quick checks before stack testing. The Lancom 4 provides an economical alternative to installing a costly CEMS in applications where less instrumental functionality is needed.

For applications where a comprehensive overview of emission data is needed, AMETEK Land offer the FGA Series multi gas analyser; this self-contained and compact CEMS monitors levels of carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitric oxide. They also offer cross-stack opacity monitors, for example the precise and dependable Model 4500 Mk III, for accurate measurements of particulate matter in flue gas.

AMETEK Land are also globally renown for providing some of the most reliable non-contact temperature measurement instruments with their wide range of portable and fixed measurement pyrometers. These devices help plant personnel take measurements to enable them to optimise their industrial process and lower dangerous emissions.

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