• New App Transforms Smartphones into Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Devices

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New App Transforms Smartphones into Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Devices

Jun 12 2015

Blackline Safety (Canada) today announces the immediate availability of Loner Mobile, a feature-rich employee safety monitoring app, on leading iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Blackline offers the most diverse range of employee safety monitoring solutions that address work-alone safety scenarios faced by organisations in every industry. Loner Mobile allows employers to monitor the real-time safety of their smartphone-equipped personnel with the goal of managing an efficient emergency response when an injury, health incident or physical assault occurs.

“With compatibility across mainstream smartphones, Blackline is well-positioned to bring a broad base of
safety monitoring to every industry,” says Gavin Boorman, Managing Director at Blackline GPS Europe.
“Loner Mobile is the ideal alternative to traditional journey management and manual check-in processes.
However we are more than just an app company—we also offer a range of dedicated devices that are all
highly configurable and communicate into our cloud-hosted monitoring infrastructure.”

“Loner Mobile is Blackline’s first safety monitoring solution that is designed to meet the world’s most
progressive work-alone safety standard, British Standard 8484,” says Sean Stinson, Blackline’s VP Sales & Product Management. “BS 8484 defines stringent guidelines for a lone worker safety monitoring device.
Loner Mobile exceeds these recommendations and provides leading monitoring capability for industries
and applications where employees are equipped with a smartphone.”

Loner Mobile was designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of small business through to
multi-national corporations. It monitors the employee’s safety by leveraging the communications and
location technology built into the user’s smartphone. Prior to entering a site, building or client’s home, the
user can send location-based notes to monitoring infrastructure that provides valuable context
surrounding his or her location, activities and risk level. All safety alerts may be configured for two-way
voice calling to a programmable number and dedicated monitoring personnel. Combined with employee
check-in monitoring and an in-app emergency request feature, employers have the capability to improve
the outcome of an employee with an efficient emergency response to the employee’s precise location.
No matter where an employee is located—within buildings, populated areas or the remote reaches of our
planet, Blackline provides a complete suite of employee safety monitoring solutions to match the

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