• Blackline Safety and NevadaNano revolutionizing combustible gas detection with most significant innovation in 40+ years

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Blackline Safety and NevadaNano revolutionizing combustible gas detection with most significant innovation in 40+ years

Jul 07 2020

Blackline adds cutting-edge MPSTM Flammable Gas Sensor technology to its lineup of cloud-connected G7 wearables  

Blackline Safety Corp. has partnered with NevadaNano, a developer and manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based gas sensors, to add the new Molecular Property SpectrometerTM (MPSTM) flammable gas sensor to its G7 lineup of connected safety wearables. Together, Blackline and NevadaNano are driving combustible gas detection into the future with the MPS sensor, which can be easily incorporated into safety programs, delivering greater accuracy of combustible gas readings and confidence that workers are protected in any environment.  

The MPS sensor transforms the way businesses monitors environments for unsafe levels of combustible gas through the latest advancements in MEMS technology, arguably the most significant innovation in more than 40 years. Compared to traditional catalytic bead and non-dispersive infrared sensors, the MPS sensor provides users with unparalleled lower explosive limit (LEL) measurement accuracy for a TrueLELTM combustible gas reading in any environment. It is poison immune, meaning users can remove guess work from gas detection and are confident that workers are protected. The MPS sensor seamlessly integrates into companies’ current safety program, eliminating the need to re-train users currently familiar with traditional LEL gas sensors. 

“For decades, businesses have calibrated LEL sensors to accurately measure one gas with the byproduct that they respond higher or lower when exposed to other gases, causing gaps in safety,” said Sean Stinson, VP Sales and Product Management for Blackline Safety. “Equipped with the MPS Flammable Gas Sensor, G7 wearables read several different gas types accurately — even gas mixtures. This wasn’t possible until today. Featuring native immunity to poisoning by silicones, G7 and the MPS sensor confidently deliver accurate detection in the field while streaming data to the Blackline Safety Cloud for the location-enabled data analytics. The result is a new level of safety for workers and facility protection.” 

Where traditional LEL sensors fall short, the MPS Flammable Gas Sensor detects gas mixtures as accurately as it does a single gas, eliminating false alarms with built-in environmental compensation, poison immunity, fail-safe design, and a real-time conversion factor. Now a member of Blackline’s G7 gas sensor portfolio, the MPS sensor delivers the industry’s most linear response for the LEL of individual and mixed gas compositions for the 12 most common combustible gases, including hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, ethylene, xylene and more. Across this wide range of gases, the MPS sensor maintains accuracy for over five years and incorporates internal diagnostics to automatically detect issues with the sensor itself. 

In addition to unparalleled accuracy across individual gases and mixtures, the MPS sensor incorporates cutting-edge technology that places all detected gases into one of six classifications. Like all data generated by G7 wearables, this data is location-enabled and streamed to the Blackline Safety Cloud, enabling interactive visualization in Blackline Analytics software. This new gas classification capability unlocks insights that enable businesses to identify abnormalities and trigger proactive maintenance to help prevent a safety incident. Blackline customers can further leverage these insights through Blackline Vision, the company’s data science division to assist businesses with getting the most from their digital transformation.  

“Blackline Safety has a track record of innovation, providing state-of-the-art solutions that are not merely ‘new,’ but are better and, ultimately, safer,” said Bob Christensen, Senior Director Business Development for NevadaNano.  “We’re providing the first sensor in decades to truly deliver on the promise of ‘next generation,’ and partnering with Blackline was an easy choice to bring this proven technology to the men and women on the front line and make sure they get home safe.”  

Founded in 2004, NevadaNano has spent more than a decade studying and perfecting MEMS-based sensor modules for a wide range of commercial and government applications. Globally certified and intrinsically safe, the MPS combustible gas sensor enables workers to enter hazardous environments with the highest degree of accuracy and the utmost confidence.  

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