• Easy and Accurate Gas detection with the INIR Sensor

Gas Detection

Easy and Accurate Gas detection with the INIR Sensor

Jun 14 2017

The new infrared (INIR) sensor range supplied by SGX Sensortech can detect carbon dioxide and flammable gases easily and effectively. They are integrated with advanced electronics, with a high performance optical cavity and come with all the required firmware and driver circuitry to create temperature compensated digital output.

Water transients Eliminated

It is not easy to use infrared sensors in applications where water is present, whether in the form of steam produced during steel production or water arising from dust suppression systems in mines. Such conditions can create many issues for optical sensors and lead to false alarms.

In contrast, INIR sensors features proprietary firmware and hardware that can easily detect the presence of humidity and reduce the sensor’s response considerably. This means they are suitable for use in environments where the atmosphere constantly varies from wet to dry and vice versa.

Smart Electronics

Through a universal asynchronous receive/transmit (UART) interface, INIR sensors can be easily calibrated and configured. The sensors are also provided with an analog output option with an integrated DAC.

With the aid of INIR gas sensors, users can easily integrate an infrared sensor into their gas detection device, thereby significantly reducing the development time and the expertise needed during the design and implementation stages. A gas sensor can be used to calibrate the sensors to facilitate installation without the added necessity for recalibration.

Key Features

  • High resolution up to 10 ppm and detectivity level as low as 100 ppm
  • Triple range (0% - 1% v.v, 1% - 4% v.v, 4% - 5% v.v @ CO2, 4% - 100% v.v @ CH4) gas sensors with automatic switchover between ranges
  • Full faults diagnostics and error generation
  • Active (internal temperature) and reference signals monitored, values transmitted digitally through UART
  • ESD ±30 kV (IEC 6100042) protection
  • Automatic over current protection function and thermal shutdown function
  • Low power consumption < 100 mW (average)
  • Factory calibrated for carbon dioxide and methane, or for other gases, if required
  • 24 - bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
  • 12 - bit Digital to Analog (DAC) output
  • Can be used in hazardous entrainments
  • Evaluation kit available including PC software to enable simple testing and production calibration functions.


  • Indoor air quality
  • Automation and control
  • Mining
  • Industrial health and safety

Please click here for information on our comprehensive range of gas sensors.For more details phone us on +48 (0) 32 438 4778 or e-mail.

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