• Precise mobile water analysis for all professional requirements in laboratory quality

Portable/Field Testing

Precise mobile water analysis for all professional requirements in laboratory quality

Oct 10 2023

Accurate test results are not only required where water enters the public supply circuit. Standards, norms and specifications for quality assurance also determine the path for precise water analysis in industrial plants and, above all, in laboratories. This path can only be safely followed with the appropriate equipment and, above all, with the right technical level. Lovibond® has developed the MD6x00 series of photometers to ensure that the most accurate measurement results are also achieved where mobile flexibility and laboratory accuracy are required at the same time.

These portable photometers are true all-rounders. More than 120 test methods are available for continuous monitoring of water quality. This means that all conceivable parameters can be analysed quickly and reliably on a mobile basis in any demanding application such as waste water and raw water treatment, drinking water treatment, boiler and cooling water in industrial plants, disinfectant control or even in professional swimming pools.

This is because the instruments also cover the control of parameters that are particularly in demand in professional water analysis - from aluminum to zinc. These include the chemical oxygen demand (COD), which in wastewater treatment is an important parameter for the cleaning performance of the wastewater treatment plant or for the required amount of disinfectants in drinking water treatment. The MD640 can also detect the fluorescent dyes (tracers) PTSA and fluorescein and thus determine indications of leaks in the water circuit or for the dosing of water care agents such as corrosion protection.

The high measurement accuracy is ensured by the modern and highly accurate interference filters as well as six individual wavelengths including automatic wavelength selection and long-term stable Leds. The instruments contain no moving parts and are therefore cost-saving maintenance-free. In addition, all devices are pre-adjusted according to international standards. In user adjustment mode, the photometers can be adjusted by the user with standards traceable to NIST.

The MD600 uses an infrared interface for data exchange. The MD610 and MD640 have a Bluetooth® interface: the measurement data can be easily retrieved and analysed as CSV files with a smartphone or tablet. The free AquaLX® app also supports the user. Those who need their own methods: Up to 25 fifth-order calibration polynomials can be stored.

Incidentally, the number and variety of test methods are constantly being adapted to changing requirements. Software updates and additional languages are regularly available for updating. In addition, all units offer on-screen access and a one-time-zero function for zeroing.

At Lovibond®, by the way, users get everything from a single source - even the reagents. The range includes tablets, powder or liquid reagents, all of which come from Lovibond®'s own production and are designed in the company's own laboratory together with Research & Development. Here Lovibond® attaches great importance to sustainable and harmless chemistry and has developed its own "Green Chemistry" as well as the Evo formula. Green Chemistry does not contain boric acid, which is classified as harmful. The Evo formula guarantees potassium iodide reduction to a harmless level.

The advantages of the individual units of the MD6x00 series at a glance:

MD 600 MD 610 MD 640
Memory for approx. 1,000 measuring results Memory for approx. 500 measuring results Memory for approx. 500 measuring results
Data interface: Infrared and IRiM Data interface: Bluetooth® and App Aqua LX®

Data interface: Bluetooth® and App Aqua LX®

124 parameters 123 parameters 126 parameters, additional measurement method for PTSA and fluorescein

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