• Introducing the MD50 Single Parameter Photometer - Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Testing and Unmatched Ease!


Introducing the MD50 Single Parameter Photometer - Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Testing and Unmatched Ease!

Jun 11 2024

The MD50 series offers a comprehensive range of single parameter photometers that meet the most diverse needs of water treatment. Whether you're monitoring chlorine, chlorine high range, chlorine dioxide, ozone, monochloramine, urea, suspended solids, hazen, molybdenum, copper, or phosphate levels, there's an MD50 variant tailored to your requirements.

Simplified Operation:

Discover unparalleled ease with the MD50's single parameter design and language-free user interface. Icons and animations guide you effortlessly through the testing, while green and red backlighting instantly communicate results status and errors. Programming options for one user-defined method and easy instrument updateability empower you to customize your testing protocols effortlessly.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Experience unmatched accuracy and speed of measurement with our innovative new optics, ensuring precise readings in record time. The one-time zero feature guarantees rapid sampling saving precious time in your daily operation. Plus, the ability to select your favorite reagent type - be it tablet, powder, or liquid - adds to the flexibility and convenience of the MD50 series.

Elevated Data Transfer and Storage:

Enjoy smooth, hassle-free data management like never before. Perform data transfer effortlessly with NFC technology using Lovibond®'s AquaLX® App. Alternatively, utilize wired data import and export options using USB-C.
With the ability to store up to 100 data sets, the MD50 ensures you never have to compromise on data storage. Confidence is assured with GLP-compliant data saving. The MD50 guarantees data integrity at every step, providing peace of mind regarding your results.

Built to Last:

Rugged industrial design, complete with rubber-protected sides, ensures the MD50 stands up to the toughest conditions. Experience unmatched durability and reliability, even in demanding environments with a waterproof IP67 rating. Powered by 2 AA batteries, the MD50 delivers exceptional battery life, enabling up to 5000 measurements per battery usage for an uninterrupted testing session.

Water testing Applications for the MD50 series span a wide range, including Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Disinfection Control, Drinking Water Treatment, Pool Water Control, Pool Water Treatment, Raw Water Treatment, and Wastewater Treatment. No matter the application, Lovibond® provides versatile reagents in tablet, powder, or liquid form, ensuring you have the best solution from a single source.

Elevate your testing experience with the MD50 Single Parameter Photometer - Where simplicity meets precision, and durability reigns supreme.

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