• Electrochemical measurement accuracy for all applications - especially mobile

Water Quality Monitoring

Electrochemical measurement accuracy for all applications - especially mobile

Nov 07 2023

Climate crises and environmental disasters have been dominating the global news for some time. Against this background, wastewater and drinking water monitoring as well as environmental control are coming into focus more than ever. Electrochemistry is in demand as a particularly accurate measuring method. However, the mobile hand-held meters of the SD305 series and the practical pocket testers from Lovibond® are also professional assistants for experts in water analysis in laboratories for routine electrochemical tests and in industrial plants, for example, for monitoring cooling and boiler water.

Wherever important water quality parameters such as conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and redox potential are put to the test, these portable professionals provide valuable and, above all, precise results. Lovibond® manufactures electrochemical measuring instruments for every measurement requirement, which are in demand worldwide - especially for particularly challenging tasks. That is why the devices are also components of special kits that perform important work in disaster situations in close cooperation with international relief organisations or in professional industrial water monitoring.

The SD305 series is professional in use with a modernised design with many practical innovations. The devices can handle anything, especially in rough terrain and challenging situations: With one click, they can be securely attached to the belt or trouser pockets so that the operators have both hands free. The slimmer design of the electrode holder integrated into the robust protective armour allows the electrodes to be securely fixed. It safely protects the precise measurement technology from dirt, can be easily attached and cleaned and, depending on the device, allows an additional temperature electrode to be attached.

For long-term measurements, the user gets to the goal even faster - sensor self-diagnosis, data logger including alarm function, PC interface, pressure compensation and recognition of standard solutions included. Regardless of whether it's a single-parameter device or a multi-parameter version, the user guidance with its simplified navigation structure guides the user directly to the target. The results are safely stored in the data logger with up to 10,000 data records.

The SD335 Multi masters all important parameters for all applications. The device measures two parameters simultaneously in addition to temperature. A wide range of parameters can be selected: pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen (O2 concentration and saturation). In addition, there are galvanically isolated measuring inputs, robust protective armouring incl. 2 electrode holders, data logger with up to 8 GB data memory, simple data transfer via micro USB in CSV format, step-by-step calibration, multi-parameter display and rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Even easier to use are the much handier pocket testers. Compact and robust, they can easily be put in a trouser pocket. The SD series consists of a range of compact, easy-to-use, portable instruments for accurate measurement of pH, ORP, Con, TDS or salt. With the robust and completely waterproof (IP67) housing, these meters are the ideal solution for insitu testing.

The instruments allow easy recording of the most important parameters and can be easily operated even by inexperienced users. The devices are equipped with replaceable electrodes to ensure long life and functionality. The Pocket Tester series will soon be launched with a new design, many practical innovations and technical improvements - as single and multi-parameter versions.

For all instruments, Lovibond® offers a comprehensive range of buffer, storage and adjustment solutions as well as replacement electrodes.

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