• A handful of electrochemistry for all measuring cases

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A handful of electrochemistry for all measuring cases

Mar 12 2024

Whether for environmental monitoring, regular industrial plant checks or for use at the pool: The new SD Pocket Testers SD10-40 by Lovibond® fit comfortably in one hand or on the trousers pocket. With a completely new design, on-site measurements can be taken in the blink of an eye whether for pH, redox, conductivity, salt or TDS.

  • Availability:

Lovibond® offers four different models from single parameter to multi parameter pocket testers. The range of multi parameter testers is new to the pocket tester family and allows new opportunities to test for all parameters taking individual measuring requirements into account.



SD10 pH

pH, Temperature


ORP, Temperature

SD30 EC, New

Conductivity, TDS, Salt, Temperature

SD40 Multi, New

pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salt Temperature

  • Design:

Many more innovations were incorporated into the new pocket testers. The testers with a waterproof housing are manufactured in a smaller size that fit in one’s hand easily. A new transparent lid was designed to store the testers upright and in stable stand. For portable usage, the testers come with a holder for a lanyard which is enclosed in the package. A safety ring makes it even easier to attach the lanyard to the head of the unit.  Also, on top of the instrument, a clip was integrated on each pocket tester to easily attach it on a trousers pocket, waistband or belt.

Another add on is the longer battery life due to 4 x AAA batteries in a waterproof battery compartment that can be replaced easily just like the spare electrodes with a break-proof locking mechanism.

For an optimal protection the sensitive electrodes are surrounded by protective caps. The sensor protection for the SD10 and SD40 can be used to protect the sensitive glass ball of the pH electrode from mechanical damage.

  • Ease of use:

The new multi-parameter models offer the opportunity for individual measurement requirements that are conductive, perform much better and show results faster. Stable readings are indicated by a checkmark icon on the display. For measurements on-site, the new handheld testers have an optional auto-hold function that makes reading the results much easier and more precisely. Due to the new variety of display colours the handheld testers can easily be used. Each colour stands for a certain mode. A blue display indicates the measurement mode, a green display stands for calibration and a red display represents an alarm function. The display is concepted in larger fonds and less text for a better reading result. For a much easier handling, 3 multi-functional buttons with intuitive symbols are replacing the former symbols.

  • Maintenance:

Maintenance is the be-all and end-all. With our improved SD Pocket Tester series, this is now even easier.

Especially for testers with sensitive electrodes such as pH and redox electrodes, maintenance and care are essential for a long electrode lifetime. With the additional tools of the Lovibond® SD series, many previously tedious work steps become much easier. The lid is transparent and has a secure stand for its use as a sample vessel for calibration and/or measurement. It can also be filled with a storage solution for sensor maintenance and humidity control, which in turn increases the lifetime of the electrodes. Lovibond® offers all the necessary solutions for maintenance and care. Buffer, standard and storage solutions are either included in the delivery content or are available as additional accessories.

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