• Get the most out of narrow-bore GC columns with intermediate-volume (IV) liners

Environmental Laboratory

Get the most out of narrow-bore GC columns with intermediate-volume (IV) liners

Apr 02 2024

Until recently, the advantages of using high-efficiency, narrow-bore GC columns were fettered by sample transfer onto the column. However, this stage can now be optimised thanks to Restek’s intermediate-volume (IV) inlet liners.

Providing users with a higher sample capacity than smaller volume liners as well as faster sample transfer than larger volume liners, Restek’s IV liners produce rapid, precise, and extremely reproducible results. The IV liners’ more stable performance enhances chromatography, peak identification and quantitation are easier and more precise as a result.

Furthermore, the reduced residence time in the inlet defends against band broadening and analyte breakdown during splitless injection. Restek’s IV liner applications for semi-volatiles, PAHs, and pesticides will enable environmental labs to make the most out of their narrow-bore GC columns.

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IET 34.2 March 2024

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