• Advances in inert liquid chromatography columns facilitate precision analysis of metal-sensitive compounds

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Advances in inert liquid chromatography columns facilitate precision analysis of metal-sensitive compounds

Feb 08 2024

Restek has introduced groundbreaking inert liquid chromatography (LC) column technology designed to enhance the accuracy of analyses pertaining to metal-sensitive compounds. The innovation lies in the application of a premium inert coating onto the stainless-steel surface of Restek's LC columns, reducing non-specific binding of chelating analytes. This new advancement enables sensitive analysis and seamless integration of peaks, particularly beneficial for compounds such as mycotoxins and organophosphorus pesticides.

The incorporation of Restek's selective stationary phases further enhances the utility of these new inert LC columns. This publication delves into the comprehensive advantages offered by this technology, focusing on its applicability in small molecule LC-MS/MS workflows.

The inert coating on Restek's LC columns contributes significantly to improved peak shape without the need for passivation or mobile phase additives, ensuring increased response and analyte recovery, thereby allowing for lower detection limits. Laboratories adopting Restek's inert LC columns experience reduced variability in analyses. Moreover, end users benefit from streamlined workflows, as the technology eliminates the need for time-consuming conditioning and complex passivation procedures usually associated with similar tasks. The inert LC column technology is available in three distinct column types: Raptor Biphenyl, Raptor ARC-18, and Force Biphenyl. Each column type offers specialised advantages, catering to the unique requirements of laboratories specializing in small molecule LC-MS/MS workflows.

Restek's innovative inert LC column technology represents a significant advance in facilitating accurate and efficient analyses of metal-sensitive compounds. The enhanced peak shape, improved analyte recovery, and reduced operational complexities make these columns an invaluable asset for labs engaged in small molecule LC-MS/MS workflows.

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