• Fixed PIDS Protect Workers And The Public From Benzene Exposure

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Fixed PIDS Protect Workers And The Public From Benzene Exposure

Mar 09 2021

When the coronavirus lockdowns eventually end, air pollution could return with a vengeance and human exposure to benzene has been associated with a range of acute and long-term adverse health effects and diseases, including cancer and aplastic anaemia. Leading manufacturer of gas detection instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring applications, ION Science is helping to protect employees and the public from exposure to this harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) with its high performance fixed photoionisation detectors (PIDs).

Benzene, also known as benzol, is a common VOC identified by its unique numerical CAS2 number 71-42-2. It is also a hydrocarbon and belongs to the Benzene, Toulene, Ethylbenzene & Xylene (BTEX) family of aromatics.  It is a highly flammable colourless to light yellow liquid which occurs naturally in crude oil, natural gas and some ground waters.

Benzene is found in ambient air as a result of burning fuels, such as coal, petrol and wood, plus is common in unleaded fuel, where it is added as a substitute for lead. It is also found in cigarette smoke.

Workers can be exposed to benzene in a wide range of industries, including oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, coke works, foundries and the storage, distribution and use of petrol or benzene itself.

It is advisable to use an appropriate form of quantitative monitoring and ION Science offers several fixed instruments including its world first FalcoTAC fixed PID with 10.0eV lamp offers fast and reliable detection of high toxic aromatic compounds (TACs), including benzene, in high humidity environments.

Designed for plant wide safety and the on-going protection of workers in global petrochemical and oil and gas applications, the new FalcoTAC instrument also boasts the company’s innovative typhoon technology for unrivalled accuracy in condensing atmospheres and extreme weather conditions.

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