• Ultra High-speed LDTD Technology for Large Volume LC/MS Analyses

Environmental Laboratory

Ultra High-speed LDTD Technology for Large Volume LC/MS Analyses

Feb 25 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific, announces a strategic partnership with Phytronix Technologies, a Canada-based company, for the use of Laser Diode Thermal Desorption (LDTD) technology. LDTDâ„¢ technology enhances the existing Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantumâ„¢ LC/MS product portfolio by offering ultra fast sample analysis for both quantitative and qualitative applications in high-throughput drug discovery, drug development, food safety and environmental applications.
This unique technology, consisting of a semi-conductor based laser diode, allows scientists to rapidly analyze compounds. The workflow is enhanced by simply loading the Phytronix Lazwellâ„¢96-well plate with the sample, and inserting the plate into the LDTD ion source operating at atmospheric pressure.
The LDTD technology increases the speed of analysis of compounds by 20 to 100 times compared to established techniques based on liquid
chromatography withmass spectrometry. Pharmacokinetic studies using LDTD technology can be performed in less than 10minutes, and enzyme inhibition assays in 18 minutes – compared to 10 hours presently required with LC-MS techniques.
The LDTDâ„¢ion source utilizes an infrared laser diode to thermally desorb the dried sample. The desorbed sample is transferred in the APCI region where it is ionized and then transferred into the MS. When configured with the TSQ Quantum, the system delivers fast and efficient quantitative and qualitative results. Applications include the analysis of sulfonamide residues in milk, analysis of explosives such as HMX, RDX, and TNT, and analysis of fatty acids in both positive and negative ion mode. One unique advantage of this technology is that it can be used in mobile units for real-time, on-location environmental testing as seen in the operation of an LDTD-based TSQ Quantum for air quality
testing by the Québec Environmental Agency.

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