• New FT-IR Spectrometer Simplifies Infrared Spectroscopy for QA/QC and Investigative Analytical Laboratories

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New FT-IR Spectrometer Simplifies Infrared Spectroscopy for QA/QC and Investigative Analytical Laboratories

Jul 30 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (USA), announce the launch of its new Thermo Scientific Nicolet™iS™10 FT-IR spectrometer, powered by new OMNIC™ Specta™ software. This easy-to-use system simplifies spectroscopy, enabling chemists in analytical and investigative chemistry laboratories to take full advantage of the power of FT-IR
and have complete confidence in their results.
Analytical laboratories increasingly require more efficient instruments to carry out analysis of raw materials and finished goods. For such analyses, FT-IR is a technique of choice. The Thermo Scientific Nicolet
iS10 FT-IR spectrometer system significantly simplifies data analysis, sampling and instrument validation.
“Spectral interpretation has remained the most significant hurdle in FT-IR,” said Dr. Ian Jardine, vice president of global research and development for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “FT-IR rapidly gets the user from `sample to spectrum` However, getting from the spectrum to actionable information, such as identification, was often a highly subjective, iterative and laborious process requiring high levels of skill and time.”
Using revolutionary deconvolution protocols, Thermo Fisher Scientific`s new OMNIC Specta software, integrated with the Nicolet iS10, dramatically simplifies the interpretation process. “The software allows users to identify individual components in a mixture from a single spectrum in one simple step. Materials can be identified rapidly, and with complete confidence, in a fraction of the time by anyone with basic chemical knowledge,” added Jardine.

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