• Rotary Membrane Pumps with Unique Operating Principle

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Rotary Membrane Pumps with Unique Operating Principle

Oct 29 2007

After successful introduction of the rotary diaphragm pump of the type SP 027 RO for professional blood pressure manometers as well as for
compressions therapy systems, SCHWARZER PRECISION (Germany) now
offers a complete family of rotary membrane pumps in order to serve all
applications where silent and quick filling of cuffs or cushions is crucial.
The pump’s unique operating principle of a wobbling disc connected with 2 or more diaphragms makes it a very compact pump with an ideal performance for inflation of all kinds of cuffs or cushions. Furthermore, size, noise and power consumption are kept to a minimum.
The demand for the mobile devices, i.e. with pumps which can be used with batteries, led to the development of the SP 027 RO in 3Vdc, in 6Vdc and in 12Vdc. A great variety of quality motors are available from which the ideal motor can be chosen for the respective application. Power consumption can be reduced to 100 mA, with a volume flow from 1.6 l/min up to 2.0 l/min and a pressure level of more than 700 mmHg. An above-average arm cuff will be inflated within approx. 8 seconds. For greater volume flows, SCHWARZER offers the larger pump SP 032 RO which supplies more than 2.5 l/min.
Measured from a distance of 30 cm, noise amounts to a maximum of 53 dB(A). Installed into a terminal device the pump is so low in noise that even permanent operation at the patient’s bed will pose no problem. The pump has a lifespan of more than 300,000 cycles which means that it will easily work 5 to 10 years even in the most adverse environment without any loss of performance.

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