• Superior mercury detection for coal samples over AA technology

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Superior mercury detection for coal samples over AA technology

Aug 17 2022

Read the interview at East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) and understand how DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer has been a great asset for meeting the testing standards for mercury determination of coal samples within the required timelines.

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East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) is providing wholesale electricity to 16 owner-member distribution cooperatives that serve more than 1 million Kentucky residents at 545,000 homes, farms, businesses, and industries across 87 counties. EKPC provides power through its collection of coal-fueled plants, natural gas-fueled peaking units, and renewable energy plants over nearly 3,000 miles of transmission lines.


For years, staff at EKPC’s central lab utilized an atomic absorption system for their coal mercury reporting requirements. The numerous drawbacks to that system, which included the system’s inefficiency, unreliability, and its labor-intensive process for performing regular maintenance, motivated EKPC staff to look for a new analytical solution for mercury analysis.

EKPC staff discovered Milestone’s DMA-80 evo while visiting another lab in nearby Salyersville, KY, that utilized the system. During this visit, the Salyersville staff provided a brief demonstration of the system to EKPC staff and shared their experiences with utilizing the system.

They were impressed and narrowed their focus to evaluating the differences between their existing AA solution and Milestone’s DMA-80 evo to determine if it would be worthwhile to switch technologies.

Discover the 3 benefits that EKPC identified in DMA-80 evo system over their existing AA technology.


“The DMA-80 evo is so much easier to run than other solutions I’ve seen. Milestone has really thought out the entire system. The system’s autoloader is excellent and reliable. The analyzer provides better detection limits than other systems I’ve encountered. Even general maintenance with the system is so much easier to do and takes a fraction of the time that I used to invest with my prior AA system.” — Matthew David, Chemist

The DMA-80 evo is an approved analytical method for mercury determination in coal samples, which allowed EKPC to quickly implement the system into their workflow without any method development delays. The staff is very happy with the system’s accuracy and performance and are now able to focus their attention on other areas in the lab with the time savings gained through their DMA-80 evo

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